Discover Some Natural and Simple Ways To Treat A Cough

Discover Some Natural and Simple Ways To Treat A Cough

Your cough is going to affect a lot of people besides you. It is going to be quite a disturbance of the people who share your life and your home. Your immediate family members are the ones who are to suffer.

It is best to get it treated as soon as possible. You can always go for some over-the-counter drugs or  medications for the treatment of cough. The pharmacist might give you a syrup that may also have some side-effects.

All the medications sold in the market have some sort of side-effect, so do thin k of some natural ways to tackle your cough.

An effective treatment is present in your refrigerator or your kitchen. If you have some cloves of garlic at hand, you can get rid of your cough using them. 

You need to prepare a moisture of a few cloves of garlic mashed into some water. Drink the syrup thus prepared through the day, and you are sure to get some amount of relief from the cough and the sore throat associated with it.

Alternatively, you could work the same miracle using basil leaves.  You only have to add some basil leaves to the cup of tea you drink everyday, and your cough is sure to vanish in a day or two.

Be sure to try out one of theses tried and tested natural remedies to counter cough before you head out to the physician for a treatment. You are not going to have to go to the physician if you try out these tricks.