Recipe for a long life

Recipe for a long life

If you just want to drink alcohol, smoke and party all night, you will probably be happy, but your body won’t! These actions and vices are responsible for bad and short life. Our body is designed to have a lot of physical activity and a lot of healthy foods. If you have that, you will have a long and healthy life.

The perfect recipe starts from morning! Too much sleep can be bad, so sleep 8-10 hours, depending on your profession (people under stress need more sleep). The perfect time for waking up is 8am. Don’t try to stay in bed hour or two, get up and do morning exercises! The important thing is to warm up before starting. The effect of morning exercises last 24 hours! They are easy to do and can be fun.

After exercising, have a proper breakfast. This doesn’t mean eat pizza or egg and bacon! Eat fruit, vegetables and drink low-fat milk! They will give you more than enough nutrients. You should have lunch at 2pm. For lunch you should eat heavy food. Depending on your acidity during that day you can eat meat, vegetables, soups and almost anything without too much fat! For dinner you must have lighter meal.

Avoid meat, cheese and eggs! Soups and fruits are great. It is important to have a proper meal for dinner, or you will have problems sleeping, and that affects everything!

Go to bed at 11pm. If you go to bed after midnight, your body cannot produce enough hormones that are essential for health! Living like this, you will be happier. If you don’t believe me, try and see!