Good and bad sides of running on the treadmill

Good and bad sides of running on the treadmill

Although, you see a lot of people who are running outside, more people use treadmills. They are widely available and they are useful. It is hard to say, what is better, running outside or using treadmills. The answer isn’t simple. There are good sides and drawbacks of both. Many of you believe that running outside is harder and it requires more energy. According to many research, the difficulty level is the same!

The good sides.

The most important benefit of the treadmill is their positive effect on your joints. The cushioned belt is softer than the pavement, so your joints are under less pressure. Actually, the whole body is under less pressure. This is especially important for people who are recovering from some injury. Treadmills also allow you to make your own training plan. You can choose the course where you want to run. This can even prepare you for the marathon.

The drawbacks.

While you are running outside, your foot and leg muscles are adjusting all the time, because the pavement never is 100% smooth. Those adjustments are useful for balance and coordination. When you are using treadmills, you simply don’t get this benefit. Treadmills aren’t efficient for your hamstrings and glutes as the regular running. The electric motor in the machine does much of the work for you. If you are using treadmill only, you should perform exercises for mentioned muscles. Maybe the worst drawback is, treadmills are boring. Simply, you are always in the same room. Even with your favorite playlist, the situation is the same. On the other side, running outside is far more interesting.