What does Dr. William Davis say about wheat belly?

What does Dr. William Davis say about wheat belly?

Wheat belly is the concept introduced by Dr. William Davis that propagates the elimination of wheat from your diet to lose weight.

Dr. William Davis is a cardiologist and has had a number of patients who were overweight and wanted to control their risk of heart disease. In his bestselling book “Wheat Belly”, Dr. Davis describes various practices with his patients to discover the link between different foods and obesity.

During one summer, he was theorizing about his own condition and this thought came to his mind. He remembered how he felt lazy and sluggish after consuming anything made of wheat including toast, waffles, or bagels. He thought about how he felt sleepy even after resting well the night.

He contrasted this feeling with the times when he only had eggs or another protein for breakfast. He noticed how energetic he felt especially after consuming eggs. After testing his blood sugar before and after consuming wheat versus eggs, he noticed a marked difference in the cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This convinced him that he needed to change his diet.

Dr. Davis then started to suggest cutting out wheat from the diets of his patients to see if he got the same blood work results with them as well. He chose and urged his diabetes-prone patients to eliminate wheat from their diet. He explained what foods must be consumed instead. He also warned them not to combine the gluten-free alternatives as they contain high amounts of starch. He proposed adding foods that are low on the glycemic index. Dr. Davis asked his patients to maintain this diet for 3 months and come back for a checkup.

His experiment showed results that these overweight diabetic patients lost a great amount of weight, although he agrees that elimination of wheat from the diet may not be the only reason.